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A First Look at Some Brand New, Mouthwatering SPE-Certified Dishes for the Summer

SPE-certified dishes are known for tasting great and being healthy, but any good chef knows that food needs to look good too. For all the effort and care that goes into the sourcing and preparation of an SPE-certified meal, it's important to match that level of care when the food is presented on the plate.

Our partner restaurants and partner chefs take pride in their work, and their dishes look the part too - as I'm sure you'll agree! Courtesy of New York's favorite photographer Evan Sung, here are some beautiful photos which are sure to tease your taste-buds.

We're excited to welcome 5 soon-to-be announced restaurants to the SPE family, who will be serving SPE-certified dishes in the very near future. Until then, you'll have to be content with these teasing gorgeous images!

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