SPE Certification is a new, simple way for restaurants and other foodservice establishments to address guests' concerns about sustainability and personal health.

Refined over ten years and practiced at Michelin-starred Rouge Tomate in New York City, SPE Certified provides an exclusive third-party certification program, available to the restaurant and foodservice industry nationwide.


A restaurant or foodservice establishment that offers SPE-certified dishes demonstrates that in addition to taste, the chef values health, sustainability and a commitment to a greater good. When "ordering SPE," guests can simply enjoy their meal - confident that the hard work and care required to craft a delicious, nutritionally balanced meal has been done for them.

SPE's approach is not transactional but transformational, and our goal is to become the most trusted resource in the field of culinary nutrition. Our team is comprised of an expert chef, culinary nutritionists and registered dietitians, who work with our partners to create nutritious AND delicious food to facilitate healthy eating out.

We achieve this in a way that is truly seamless, both for the kitchen and for the front-of-house.

The SPE certification is a statement to your customers that you value health and sustainability, as well as taste.


There are four levels of certification within the SPE system:

Once SPE-certified, restaurants will benefit from:

  • Transforming selected menu items into SPE-certified dishes
  • A comprehensive nutritional analysis of each SPE-certified dish, available for guests should they request it
  • Meeting the growing consumer demand for healthy and delicious options when dining out
  • A seasonal consultation with the SPE Executive Chef and/or a culinary nutritionist
  • Marketing exposure, including:
    • A dedicated page on our website describing your business; an image gallery, custom photography, reservation links and details on your SPE-certified dishes
    • Visibility via an ongoing, national SPE PR/Communications campaign
    • Use of the SPE Certified logo and other in-store promotional materials


To find out more about our certification program and how to get certified, please fill out the contact form on this page or call Mei Dickerson, VP Business Development at +1,646.553.3814.

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