Green building has LEED®. Household products have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval®.
Food now has SPE Certified®.

Healthy food can be nutritious AND delicious when dining out. SPE Certified is a unique certification and consulting program that defines a new way to eat by enhancing the nutritional quality of meals, without compromising taste.

No trustworthy, independent, third-party food certification existed with a focus on sustainability, health and exceptional taste. Until SPE. The conscious food movement is growing, and SPE is working to extend it to the food you eat at restaurants and other places outside of your home.

We work with chefs to develop seasonal dishes that focus on sourcing, thoughtful preparation, and an artful approach to combining nutrient-dense ingredients. Incredibly delicious yet healthy food is possible, and we're proving it one certified dish at a time.

Our vision and our mission

Our vision: To be the universal, trusted standard for healthy and delicious dining outside the home.

Our mission: To promote health and well-being through food to all people.

What do we do?

We use proprietary methods to enhance the nutritional quality of meals and add healthy options to restaurant menus (and other foodservice establishments), without compromising on taste or diminishing the overall dining experience. Our hands-on process of recipe development means each chef's unique culinary vision is kept intact: we don't impose our recipes, but rather help to adapt your existing menu items to make them "SPE-certified."

With more and more customers demanding healthy choices when eating out, our foodservice consultants can help you to meet and exceed those high expectations.

The tenets of SPE have been developed over 10 years through the collaboration of leading chefs, registered dietitians and SPE's Scientific Committee of world-renowned nutrition experts. We have combined cutting-edge research with international health standards into a 90-page charter of practical guidelines, applicable to a wide variety of cuisines. This charter forms the basis of our culinary and nutritional certification and consulting programs.

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