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Two Michelin-Starred Restaurants, Seäsonal and Danji, are now Serving SPE-Certified Dishes in NYC

Two Michelin-Starred Restaurants, Seäsonal and Danji, are now Serving SPE-Certified Dishes in NYC

Congratulations are in order for two of New York City’s finest dining locations as we welcome them to the SPE Certified family.

Serving Michelin-starred food is no walk in the park. On top of focusing on taste, presentation, innovation and quality ingredients, Executive Chefs Wolfgang Ban and Eduard Frauneder (Seäsonal Restaurant & Weinbar) and Executive Chef Hooni Kim (Danji) go the extra mile by displaying a commitment to sustainably sourced and healthy food. Those commitments have been officially recognized by SPE Certified, as both restaurants are now serving SPE-certified dishes on their respective menus.

At Danji, which serves a selection of delicious shared plates to its customers on West 52nd St., New York City, Executive Chef Hooni Kim worked with SPE Certified’s Natalia Hancock and Anthony Moraes to tweak three dishes to SPE certification - without compromising on taste:

Soy Poached Sablefish with Spicy Daikon and Yu Choy

Spicy Whelk Salad with Buckwheat Noodles

Tofu with Scallions

View restaurant information and a nutritional breakdown of Danji’s dishes.

A few blocks away from the Korean oasis of Danji is the Michelin-starred Seäsonal Restaurant & Weinbar on West 58th street, well known in the city for its innovative and modern approach to Austrian cuisine. Executive Chefs Wolfgang Ban and Eduard Frauneder took the decision to tweak and submit three of their dishes for certification, which are all low in saturated fat and high in nutritional value:

Gurkensüppchen (cucumber gazpacho)

Sommer Salat


View restaurant information and a nutritional breakdown of Seäsonal’s dishes.

In a true testament to its versatility, the SPE certification currently lends itself to a number of cuisines across a number of restaurants in the United States, spanning from New American (The Living Room) to French (La Bécasse) to Mediterranean (Mediterra). With the addition of Danji and Seäsonal (Korean and Austrian respectively), we’re continuing to show that with the right expertise, any cuisine and any type of food can be transformed into something that’s not only healthy, but tastes great too.

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