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Mediterra Restaurant & Taverna Gains Silver-Level SPE-Certification

Mediterra Restaurant & Taverna Gains Silver-Level SPE-Certification

We're delighted to announce that Mediterra Restaurant & Taverna, based in Princeton, NJ, joins the SPE family by adding seven SPE-certified dishes to its menu. As of this week, all seven dishes are now available for diners who are looking for a healthy and nutritious meal that sacrifices nothing when it comes to taste.  

To demonstrate his commitment to sustainability, healthy eating and great-tasting food, Chef Terry Strong of Mediterra Restaurant & Taverna worked closely with the SPE Certified team to develop dishes that not only meet the high standard of cuisine expected at the Princeton restaurant, but also provide a nutrient-rich choice for diners.


One of the SPE-certified dishes currently on the menu is the Whole Wheat Strozzapreti and Shrimp served with summer vegetables, roasted garlic, white wine and fresh lemon zest. The dish’s original recipe was tweaked to improve its nutritional value and make it eligible for SPE certification. “We changed the pasta to whole wheat and managed to double the vegetables on the plate. We also added an extra ounce of shrimp and were able to cut the oil in the dish by 50%” said Natalia Hancock, our resident Senior Culinary Nutritionist.

The Whole Wheat Strozzapreti and Shrimp is just one of seven delicious, healthy and sustainable SPE-certified dishes being served at Mediterra. You can see a nutritional analysis of each dish below:


Chilled Zucchini Soup

Mussels Provençal

Wheat Berry Salad


Baked North Atlantic Salmon

Moroccan Chicken

Whole Wheat Strozzapreti and Shrimp


Seasonal Berries

Here at SPE Certified we’re excited that more and more restaurant owners and chefs are making an effort to address consumer concerns about health and sustainability. Mediterra’s obvious commitment makes them pioneers in a movement geared to offer a greater number of healthy choices for diners that want to eat well without sacrificing taste when eating out.

See Mediterra's SPE-certified dishes here.

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