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April 23, 2014



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Partners with SPE Certified to Expand Healthy Food Options


NEW YORK (April 23, 2014) – Organic Avenue has become the first grab-and-go destination for organic, plant-based meals and snacks in the United States, a milestone evolution for the 12-store brand that coincides with the April 25, 2014 opening of a new flagship at 5 Bryant Park in New York City. Building upon the company’s 14-year roots as a leader in the cold-pressed juice industry, Organic Avenue has introduced a diverse menu of hot and cold organic plant-based foods available for casual in-store dining or takeout, including breakfast, lunch and light dinner entrees.


New signature highlights of the Organic Avenue in-store experience include thought-provoking and informative Feed Your Brain menus which provide in-depth nutritional information and educational tidbits about plant-based eating, understanding nutritional terms and more. The flavor-focused, healthful meals include a special series of menu items developed with chefs and nutritionists from SPE Certified®, a unique company that enhances the nutritional quality of meals, without compromising taste.


Healthy Options Move from Neighborhoods to Business Districts

Expanding beyond its traditional store locations in residential neighborhoods, new Organic Avenue store openings will be concentrated in areas that reach consumers during their workdays. Growth plans include store locations in dense business districts, giving local office workers healthy grab-and-go meal options in a welcoming environment where they can ask questions to learn about the best food choices for their personal goals.


After studying consumer habits and trend research, Organic Avenue acknowledges that the majority of consumers today are interested in incorporating healthier food choices into their daily routines, yet they are either intimidated by their lack of knowledge or unsure of how to proceed. The explosive growth of Organic Avenue is timely as consumers become more health conscious, paying close attention to food labels and seeking more organic options. Organic Avenue’s encouraging environment offers anyone who wants to eat healthy an easily accessible, non-judgmental way to incorporate the wellness tenets they have learned about to attain a higher level of health.


Chief Executive Officer Martin Bates said, “Plant-based eating is going mainstream, from best-selling books educating consumers about healthy eating to high-profile pop culture figures promoting lifestyle choices based on wellness. The evolution of the Organic Avenue brand is designed to meet the needs of on-the-go consumers and quite frankly, people will enjoy really delicious plant-based food that is a cut above the rest in terms of flavor and nutritional benefits. We’re encouraging people to try eating healthier foods, even if it is just a few times per week.”


Flavorful Meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The new menu items at Organic Avenue include organic vegan hot and cold wraps, grain bowls, soups, oatmeal with superfoods toppings, on-premise smoothies, single origin coffee and loose tea blends created exclusively for the brand. Examples include:           

·         Curried Vegetable Wrap (hot): A classic curry with an Organic Avenue twist. Cruciferous cauliflower provides potassium and folate for brain function. Cayenne ginger curry and tea-soaked raisins add antioxidant power.

·         Kimchi Wild Rice Bowl: Hearty wild rice with Asian flavors balance this bowl, while the combination of wild rice and cashews makes this a complete protein dish. Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made of fermented vegetables, a great source of healthy probiotics.

·         Romesco Green Bean Wrap: Hearty green beans and protein-rich almonds with a savory romesco sauce wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. Almonds provide protein while red bell peppers and tomatoes add vitamins.



Must-Taste Dishes Provide Optimal Nutrition

In addition to the company’s in house chefs, Organic Avenue consulted with acclaimed SPE Certified (Sanitas Per Escam, Latin for “Health Through Food”) to create a special series of menu offerings. Emmanuel Verstraeten, Founder and CEO of SPE Certified, stated, “We are a company that pairs chefs with nutritionists to develop menu items which are unparalleled in terms of taste and flavor, while providing optimal nutritional benefits.” SPE Certified features the nutritional and culinary philosophy developed at celebrated Michelin-starred Rouge Tomate restaurant in New York City. Organic Avenue food items that are officially certified by SPE Certified’s stringent standards will carry the distinctive, squiggly-red SPE Certified seal.


An Inviting New Look & Feel

The new Organic Avenue flagship at 5 Bryant Park in Manhattan showcases a fresh look and feel for the brand. Throughout the store, customers are engaged by thought-provoking and informative new Feed Your Brain menus, which provide in-depth nutritional information on menu items. The store incorporates a modern design with an inviting ambiance, punctuated by eco-friendly and natural materials. Vertical plant gardens are a focal point celebrating the brand’s plant-based roots, highlighting a warm color palette throughout the store that preserves Organic Avenue’s signature orange accent. Natural white oak reach-in cases present hot and cold foods, while comfortable communal and individual seating areas provide a welcome respite for customers who dine in.


Feed Your Brain

With its ubiquitous orange logo representing a commitment to wellness, Organic Avenue is trusted by New Yorkers and brand fanatics around the country who recognize that knowledge and education about wellness is the key to healthy living. Organic Avenue is known for its rigorously trained, knowledgeable in-store Advisors and certified Wellness Concierges, who further the brand’s wellness philosophy by providing personalized recommendations and connecting with customers for complimentary one-on-one appointments about adding a healthful balance to their daily routines. Customers can peruse and take home the new Feed Your Brain menus, which bring Organic Avenue’s food philosophy to life with detailed nutritional analysis and benefits for all foods and juices, accompanied by Q&A for common questions about wellness, nutrition and plant-based eating.


CEO Martin Bates joined Organic Avenue in June 2013 from London-based Pret A Manger, where he successfully transformed and expanded its U.S. operation. He added, “Organic Avenue takes health to a completely new level, providing a delicious solution for New Yorkers looking to raise the bar on their wellness. Our goal is to become the definitive destination for organic breakfast, lunch and cold pressed juices, which gives us endless possibilities for expansion in key metropolitan markets around the U.S. and abroad.”


Organic Avenue’s online hub will offer select foods for home delivery later this year, in addition to the wide array of organic juices and cleanses already offered online. For more information about Organic Avenue, go to www.OrganicAvenue.com or call 212-358-0500.


About Organic Avenue:

Organic Avenue is the only organic plant-based grab-and-go brand in the U.S., providing fresh breakfast, lunch and light dinner entrees and cold-pressed juices that make healthy eating easily accessible and delicious. With an engaging community atmosphere across 12 New York City stores, including a new flagship at 5 Bryant Park, Organic Avenue offers flavor-focused hot and cold wraps, grain bowls, soups, oatmeals and juices that blend tasty options with optimal nutritional benefits. Customers are encouraged to interact with Wellness Concierges and knowledgeable store advisors, who provide a welcoming experience with their nutritional and lifestyle information and interactive community events. Organic Avenue is owned by Weld North, an investment company concentrating on education, health and wellness, consumer services and marketing businesses. Follow Organic Avenue on Facebook (Facebook.com/OrganicAvenue), Twitter (Twitter.com/OrganicAvenue) and Instagram (Instagram.com/OrganicAvenue). 

About SPE® Certified:

SPE® Certified is a unique certification and consulting program designed to enhance the nutritional quality of meals, without sacrificing taste. SPE stands for Sanitas Per Escam (Latin for “Health Through Food”), and its mission is to provide a universal, trusted standard for healthy and delicious dining outside of the home. SPE Certified’s guidelines combine cutting-edge research with international health standards, validated and updated continuously by world-renowned nutrition experts. SPE Certified works with chefs to develop seasonal, great-tasting dishes that focus on sourcing, thoughtful preparation and an artful approach to combining nutrient-dense ingredients. Buildings have LEED; household products have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval; food now has SPE certified. Visit www.specertified.com to learn more.

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For press inquiries, including photo and recipe requests, and interviews with SPE's Executive Team and Scientific Committee, please contact:

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