SPE Certified


The Little Beet - New York Area


Midtown: 135 W 50th St
Garden City, Long Island: Roosevelt Field Mall Dining District

The Little Beet was founded with one simple philosophy: To serve real food deliciously.

Inspired by local, seasonal and natural ingredients, Chef Franklin Becker has created a menu that offers wholesome food that makes you feel real good about eating it, and even better after.

All of The Little Beet's ingredients are carefully sourced from farmers and purveyors they trust, so you can too. The Little Beet firmly believe what grows together, goes together. Every menu item is 100% gluten-free. But more importantly, they are also 100% guiltin’ free. Good food never tasted so good!


Achieved a score of 80% or greater.


Achieved a score between 50% and 80%.


Achieved a score between 30% and 50%.

Offers items that meet SPE criteria for a balanced plate.