SPE Certified


Press Testimonials

“Mr Verstraeten's dream is to see that crimson logo appear on menus around the world -- at fast-food stands and four-star palaces, on cruise ships and in college cafeterias.”
- Jeff Gordinier, The New York Times

“Chefs seek a new culinary seal of approval for healthy dishes.”
- Alice Park, TIME Magazine

“Is your meal SPE Certified? Forget farm-to-table -- a new categorization is taking over the food world.”
- Heidi Mitchell, Departures

“David Eisenberg, associate professor in the department of nutrition at Harvard, lent credence to the sense of urgency, noting that by 2030, one out of two Americans will be obese. He believes SPE shows what is possible when fabulous chefs are brought together with scientists and doctors.”
- Beverly Stephen, Food Arts

“SPE Certified’s mission is to help restaurants create dishes for their menus that are locally sourced and packed with nutrients and flavor.” 
- Sara Bonisteel, epicurious.com

“Entrepreneur and restaurateur Emmanuel Verstraeten has created a new certification process which would allow eateries to wear their principles on their sleeves.”
- Amy Zimmer, DNAinfo.com

“The SPE staff performs a deep nutritional analysis and specifies everything from calorie counts to portion size…Eateries that have signed on include Seasonal Restaurant & Weinbar, Danji and East Hampton’s Maidstone.”
- Valerie Block, Crain’s NY Business

“Make healthy food taste downright sinful with Rouge Tomate's secret techniques.”
Christine Muhlke, Bon Appétit

“With SPE Certified, New Yorkers are no longer subjected to bland food choices simply for the sake of health. SPE Certified provides restaurants with an innovative approach to creating dishes that whet the appetite while enhancing the nutritional composition.”
- Katherine Reider, examiner.com

“So it makes good sense that there is now a certification system in place to help us make healthier dining choices.”
- Rona Berg, Organic Spa Magazine

“LEED certification standards make a statement about your restaurant’s commitment to sustainability. Now you can back it up by having your food become SPE Certified.”
- Bob Krummert, Restaurant Hospitality

“SPE can make any dish more nutritious by refining everything from hamburgers and pork fried rice to sweet corn panna cotta.”
- Ellandrea Mckissack, The Daily Meal

“An SPE culinary nutritionist…along with SPE’s executive chef Anthony Moraes, will work with chefs to evaluate what’s on a restaurant’s current menu and help adapt dishes to SPE guidelines or create SPE-worthy ones, in whatever cuisine.”
- Melisse Gelula and Alia Akkam, Well+Good NYC

“...S.P.E. (Sanitas per Escam), Latin for “health through food,” is destined to take the food world by storm.”
- Garden Variety