SPE Certified


Nutritionist Testimonials

“SPE Certified is like a delicious-healthy guarantee. I hope more restaurants participate.”
- Ellie Krieger, R.D.

“If you haven't heard of SPE Certified, check it out in The New York Times.”
- Toby Amidor, R.D.

“Congrats, you are doing great, healthy and delicious things.
- Kelly Ahearn, R.D.

“SPE: Healthy and Delicious - new health trend in restaurants.”
- Brittany Chin, R.D.

“SPE certification - what a great idea to highlight healthy restaurant choices!”
- Bridget Nichols, R.D.

“If you want to lure students away from chicken fingers, you've got to make them crave the alternative.”
- Natalia Hancock, R.D.