SPE Certified


Consumer Testimonials

We hope that more restaurants adopt SPE standards to forge better health.
- @MenWhoDine

“Fabulous, finally a healthy alternative and certification. As a person with heart disease eating out is a real gamble, at least now there is a standard I can look for. Godspeed.”
- Glenn

“I would very much appreciate an SPE menu designation. Won't always order that dish, but it's nice to have the option.”
- Jill

“Hold the Butter; YAY! Finally taking eating out to the next level!”
- Theodora

“This is genius and would make eating out so much healthier.”
- Allyson

“This is super cool.”
- Jeff

“Finally I can eat fine dining without all the butter or hidden fats.”
- Calee

“Ambitious new menu label in NYC takes the guesswork out of choosing healthy options.”
- Los Angeles Food Policy Council

“*Sanitas Per Escam* Delicious food, good for you! Amazing restaurant story.”
- Lynne

“Oo, potential progress in healthy eating at restaurants.”
- Christine

“A standardized signal for healthy yet foodie-friendly menu items.”
- Karan

“Taking the guesswork out of it! Healthy and tasty eating out can be pretty hard but they make it easy!.”
- 7 Healthy Habits

“As 'better for you' moves downmarket, signifiers move upmarket: the SPE mark in restaurants.”
- Scott

“SPE = health through food. Delicious healthful food that's now easy to identify. Terrific.”
- Rebecca

“Taking the guesswork out of eating out! We LOVE it!.”
- InspireHealth

“Nutrition nerd's favorite letters - SPE.”
- Joanna

“SPE = health through food. Delicious healthful food that's now easy to identify. Terrific.”
- Rebecca

“A new certification for healthy restaurant dishes because we're all looking to get healthier. Really cool concept!”
- Nicole

“Eating out doesn't mean sacrificing health just like health shouldn't mean sacrificing eating out. Digging the SPE idea.”
- Whitney

“Upscale dining with a healthy seal in an interesting idea.”
- Karen

“I just wanted to say how I'm really glad to hear about your initiative and definitely look forward to seeing more menus with an SPE certification. That said, I was completely floored when I saw that UMass signed up with you guys to improve their dining services. My husband and I are both UMass alums and were lamenting about the old dining halls, knowing now that they're moving in a (much needed!) direction.

"Again, I love what you guys are doing and I can't wait to see more organizations sign up. Keep up the great work!"
- Allison

"I was recently on a Celebrity cruise that served a fabulous carrot cumin gazpacho. I would be very grateful if I could get the recipe from you. Thank you. "
- Fran