SPE Certified


Chef and Supplier Testimonials

“I’ve travelled extensively throughout Mexico – whether its Mexico City, Veracuz, Oaxaca, etc and have developed a great understanding of the culture’s use of simple and wonderfully fresh vegetables, herbs and spices that distinguish their authentic dishes. I maintain a very healthy and active lifestyle when I’m in and out of the kitchen...By working with SPE, we have created a menu that embraces the tradition of Mexican cuisine in a modern way by featuring dishes that have high nutrient density, whole grains, minimum saturated fats and minimal high sodium ingredients to ensure they fit SPE’s criteria in achieving “health through food.”
- Ivy Stark, Dos Caminos Corporate Chef

“What I love about SPE is that it’s not just farm to table; it respects the integrity of how we grow food and takes it to the plate in healthful ways.”

- Suko Presseau, McEnroe Farm

“Danji has 3 SPE-certified dishes! A choice to eat healthy.”
- Hooni Kim, Danji

“Two interesting articles on healthy eating - Hold the Butter NYTimes, Salt in the WSJi [sic] both articles feature the same restaurant.”
- Martha Stewart

“Love this. Stay healthy.”
- Chef Serena Poon, Celebrity Chef

“A new symbol on menu's [sic] designed by chefs and dietitians for optimal health and flavor.”
- Amie Valpone, Personal Chef

“I continue to practice what you preach for myself and my clients. Cheers!”
- Hanna Robinson, Personal Chef