SPE Certified


Academia Testimonials

“As a leading college and university-dining operator, partnering with SPE Certified, a highly regarded health food certifier, will solidify UMass’ reputation as one of the healthiest colleges in the nation for student dining.”
- Ken Toong, UMass Amherst

“Traditionally, healthy meant it didn’t taste good. But SPE has brought together the culinary experts with nutrition experts and created something that really tastes fantastic.”
- Eric Rimm, ScD, Harvard School of Public Health

“The key is being smart about ways to combine foods so that they are not only nutritious, but healthy.”
- Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, Tufts University

“SPE builds bridges between science and the culinary world.”
- Eric Rimm, ScD, Harvard School of Public Health

“Choosing well-balanced ingredients so that when you finish an SPE Certified meal you get up from the table feeling refreshed and energized.”
- Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, Tufts University

“The owner of Rouge Tomate has developed SPE certification for restaurants, a system based on ‘Sourcing, Preparing, and Enhancing philosophy and culinary techniques.”
- Marion Nestle, PhD, New York University

“Tasty, healthy and environmentally conscious. Wow. Now that's a restaurant and a rating system I can really support.”
- Dr. Dina Rose