SPE Certified


SPE Certification Program

SPE’s operational certification is a tiered scoring system that awards one, two or three stars to foodservice establishments.

Each level rewards your relative commitment to sustainability, nutrition and your customers' health and well-being, based on the results of a third-party evaluation of your operation. The certification provides:

  • Third-party validation of your commitment to the health of your customers and the environment
  • A solution to the growing consumer demand for healthy, sustainable menus and transparency in food service operations


SPE Certified's vision is to be the most trusted symbol of nutritional quality, resulting in making dining out even more appealing to a broader range of consumers.

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SPE Consulting

Consumers are placing a higher value on transparency than ever before. SPE’s culinary and nutritional team provides unparalleled nutrition and culinary expertise to help you offer customers the healthy meals, sustainably sourced options, and attention to specific dietary needs they are seeking.

SPE’s Consulting Services can also help your establishment manage menu labeling requirements by delivering accurate nutrition analysis that your customers will trust.

Our services include:


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