SPE Certified


UC Davis

Various Cuisines

Main Campus
1 Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
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Executive Chef Michael Lyle

Forget what you’ve come to expect from a university dining commons. UC Davis has turned the cafeteria model on its head with its three dining commons – Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto. This is where our chefs combine their knowledge to produce delectable entrées, sides and desserts with quality ingredients, resulting in a wide range of healthy meal options that are sure to impress.

UC Davis' dining commons are also unique in that they showcase a commitment to sustainability within its food service operations, with all three receiving the Sacramento Sustainable Business certification. UC Davis has thought of everything -- from utilizing recycled materials, to high-efficiency boilers, to waste diversion and composting.


Achieved a score of 80% or greater.


Achieved a score between 50% and 80%.


Achieved a score between 30% and 50%.

Offers items that meet SPE criteria for a balanced plate.