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Lyfe Kitchen selected SPE Certified for the nutritional analysis of their dishes due to our deep understanding of food, cooking and nutrition.


Groundbreaking West Coast concept Lyfe Kitchen is a leader in its field, motivated by its eponymous mission statement of “Love Your Food Everyday.” Incorporating technological innovations — from digital order-taking to programmable, state-of-the-art combination ovens — Lyfe Kitchen marries nutrition and sustainability with affordability and accessibility, taking the stress and guesswork out of on-the-go dining.

Lyfe Kitchen administration reports, “We don’t know what we don’t know, so we engage experts who will guide us to define and create more socially responsible products”. Accordingly, Lyfe Kitchen hired SPE Certified to perform a comprehensive nutritional analysis of their dishes.

Specific challenges:

  • Operating within specific nutrition criteria, for example a 600-calorie limit for each meal option, reduced sodium content and the inclusion of vegan and gluten-free selections
  • Aligning recommendations with varied service options, including takeaway and catering
  • Guaranteeing uniform implementation across nine locations



The SPE Certified team launched an exhaustive evaluation of the Lyfe Kitchen repertoire. Our experts took the following steps to assure quality consistency:

  • Completed a Nutrition Analysis for much of the Lyfe menu, including nutrition labels and statements
  • Provided recommendations to enable Lyfe meals to successfully meet requested criteria



After analyzing over seventy dishes and sub-recipes, SPE Certified raised Lyfe Kitchen’s offerings to new heights of health and taste. We collaborated with them to highlight key nutrition and health benefits for use in communication with customers.

Lyfe Kitchen continues its partnership with SPE, relying on our chefs and culinary nutritionists as an ongoing “hotline” resource for nutrition questions, research and in-depth ingredient analysis. Lyfe Kitchen now offers a full portfolio of health-conscious meals in all locations, guaranteeing a convenient, balanced dining experience for its guests nationwide.



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Find out more about our certification and consulting services.