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“Mr Verstraeten's dream is to see that crimson logo appear on menus around the world -- at fast-food stands and four-star palaces, on cruise ships and in college cafeterias.”
- Jeff Gordinier, The New York Times

“Chefs seek a new culinary seal of approval for healthy dishes”
- Alice Park, TIME Magazine

“Is your meal SPE Certified? Forget farm-to-table -- a new categorization is taking over the food world.”
- Heidi Mitchell, Departures


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“As a leading college and university-dining operator, partnering with SPE Certified, a highly regarded health food certifier, will solidify UMass’ reputation as one of the healthiest colleges in the nation for student dining.”
- Ken Toong, UMass Amherst

“Traditionally, healthy meant it didn’t taste good. But SPE has brought together the culinary experts with nutrition experts and created something that really tastes fantastic.”
- Eric Rimm, ScD, Harvard School of Public Health

“The key is being smart about ways to combine foods so that they are not only nutritious, but healthy.”
- Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, Tufts University

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“Fabulous, finally a healthy alternative and certification. As a person with heart disease eating out is a real gamble, at least now there is a standard I can look for. Godspeed.”
- Glenn

We hope that more restaurants adopt SPE standards to forge better health.
- @MenWhoDine

“Hold the Butter; YAY! Finally taking eating out to the next level!”
- Theodora

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Chefs and Suppliers

“I’ve traveled extensively throughout Mexico – whether its Mexico City, Veracuz, Oaxaca, etc and have developed a great understanding of the culture’s use of simple and wonderfully fresh vegetables, herbs and spices that distinguish their authentic dishes. I maintain a very healthy and active lifestyle when I’m in and out of the kitchen...By working with SPE, we have created a menu that embraces the tradition of Mexican cuisine in a modern way by featuring dishes that have high nutrient density, whole grains, minimum saturated fats and minimal high sodium ingredients to ensure they fit SPE’s criteria in achieving “health through food.”
- Ivy Stark, Dos Caminos Corporate Chef

“Danji has 3 SPE-certified dishes! A choice to eat healthy.”
- Hooni Kim, Danji

“Two interesting articles on healthy eating - Hold the Butter NYTimes, Salt in the WSJi [sic] both articles feature the same restaurant.”
- Martha Stewart

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“SPE Certified is like a delicious-healthy guarantee. I hope more restaurants participate.”
- Ellie Krieger, R.D.

“If you haven't heard of SPE Certified, check it out in The New York Times.”
- Toby Amidor, R.D.

“Congrats, you are doing great, healthy and delicious things.
- Kelly Ahearn, R.D.

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“SPE combines cutting-edge research with international health standards and is kept up to date by a scientific committee of world-renowned nutrition experts and scientists.”
- Catharine Powers, MS, RD, LD and Mary Abbott Hess, LHD, MS, RD, LDN, FADA, co-authors of "Essentials of Nutrition for Chefs (2nd Edition)"

“A special word of deep gratitude goes to the amazing SPE (Sanitas Per Escam, or Health Through Nutrition [sic]) culinary nutritionists who created the food plans and recipes that, with every bite, guarantee you'll reclaim your brain's reward system.”
- Pamela Peeke, MD, author of "The Hunger Fix"

“Changing the way I eat made me MUCH healthier. A little red squiggle might make me want to eat out again.”
- Julia Moulden, Author


  • SPE Certified also appears in the book "Dialog": What Makes a Great Design Partnership, by Ken Carbone and Leslie Smolan