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Cancer link with aspartame?

Cancer link with aspartame?

Culinary Nutritionist Andrea Canada argues that a recent study on the link between cancer and aspartame leaves more questions than answers.

I was asked by some friends if I’d heard about an article linking the artificial sweetener aspartame to increased risk of leukemia and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The research was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition last week. The study only found the associated increased risk in men, and therefore the researchers concluded that while more research is warranted, the results of the study could have been due to chance.

National Public Radio (NPR) has covered the controversy surrounding the article and whether the results were strong enough to be published and to receive media attention. In general, media reports of scientific research can be confusing to the average person, and often study results can be difficult to decipher if you aren’t an epidemiologist. However, the nature of scientific research requires repeated testing of hypotheses and confirmation of results through repetition before consensus is reached.

It’s important not to jump to conclusions about the results of a study that is quickly picked up in the news. It’s also important to remember that the nature of scientific research allows for different conclusions as our technology for conducting research improves and our understanding of nutrition science evolves.

Regarding artificially sweetened beverages, I’ve blogged about this topic previously so check it out for our recommended alternatives to diet sodas!

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